Ed Wood, shot in black and white, is a stranger-than-fiction true story of the early career of Edward D. Wood Jr., the undisputed "worst movie director of all time". This Tim Burton masterpiece, released in 1994, is a delightful, zany and ultimately moving film.

Wood (portrayed by Johnny Depp) was the auteur behind Glen or Glenda? (1953) and Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), and it's during the making of these two no-budget flicks that Wood is profiled. The film is based in large part on Rudolph Grey's biography Nightmare of Ecstasy.

Wood's friendship with the aging, drug-addicted, former film star Bela Lugosi (Martin Landau) — who he cast in his movies — is one of the most poignant characters ever portrayed on film. Landau won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance.

Wood had an infectious enthusiasm which inspired his cohorts, including transsexual wannabe Bunny (Bill Murray), the psychic Criswell (Jeffrey Jones), and behemoth wrestler Tor Johnson (George "The Animal" Steele). The film also stars Patricia Arquette and Sarah Jessica Parker.

To a large extent, Ed Wood celebrates bad filmmaking raised to the level of a fine art form. With his fetishistic style of dressing in for pumps, narrow skirts and angora sweaters, Edward D. Wood Jr. was as much of an outsider as his actors. Perhaps the final irony is that Ed Wood may be one of the best films of all time about one of the worst filmmakers of all time.

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